Free hot drink at Macky D’s

My friend, Jen, saw a commercial advertising a free Latte (or other hot coffee drink) at McDonalds with no coupon necessary on Mondays from 6am to 7pm. I can’t find anything about it online after searching. It may just be regional but certainly here in NWI. Please let me know if anyone else has more info. It’s a nice treat for a Monday. Thanks, Jen!

One per person per visit. No purchase necessary.


  1. maddmargie82 says:

    YES it’s true I am in massachusetts and it is from 6-8 a.m free latte no coupons needed also they are offering after 5p.m everyday cheeseburgers for 49 cents and hamburgers for 29 cents no coupons needed great deal. both deals expire on jan 1st
    ENJOY ALL!!!

  2. Does anyone know whether this promotion is also going on in the Florida panhandle or not?

    Thank you.

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