FREE food when you buy an appliance!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE read the comments below before trying this! Thanks!

Right now Grant’s appliance has this crazzzzzzzeee deal going on that my friend, Laurie, just alerted me to:

“Buy an appliance for $399 or more and get $500 in free groceries or gas!!!!! There’s a bit of hoops to jump though to get your “free groceries” but anyone who is doing serious couponing will be used to that 🙂

Personally, I think it is better to pick the groceries promotion, because you have to spend $100/month on gas or groceries, then you get $25 gift card for every $100 you submit receipts for (or something like that) and say you pick a store that you go to all the time, that is easy. The same gas station might not have the best price all the time, or you might go to another company gas if you are driving on a big trip, so the grocery option sounded better to me. I think you have to pick one store or gas. co. and stick with that place for the whole period of like 20 months which would be how long it takes to get all your $$$. This is the way I understand it right now, but I haven’t looked into everything more.”

Check it out here. Thanks, Laurie!!!!

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