Free Educational Games for Kids Ages 2-6!


Free Educational Games for Kids Ages 2-6!


Toddlers have little sponges for brains. They soak up knowledge quickly and with ease at this age. That is why Educational Games for Kids are so important to me and why I let my kids play the games on ABCmouse. Not only does it help them learn numbers, letters, colors and reading, it gets them comfortable with the computer. Sure beats the flashcards I grew up with!

About ABCmouse

ABCmouse is an online kid’s learning site that features a full online curriculum for kids: Preschool through Kindergarten (ages 2-6).

Try ABCmouse Free

ABCmouse knows your love their program so much that they allow you to try it for 30 FREE. You do have to enter your credit card but just makes sure to cancel on day 30 and you won’t be charged again if you are not satisfied with the program.

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