Free Easy Bakeware??!!! Not likely!

I had two people email me about the Easy Bakeware about it being a great deal so put it on the site. I am still under the impression that if you pay $7.95 for S&H as I suggested, they send you the pan and then it’s a pretty good deal. But it’s come to my attention that if you pay the $1 shipping you are signing up for another deal also that it says when you check that option. As I didn’t want anyone to get burned by that, I thought I’d let you know. Also, seeing as they really seem to be scamming people by enticing them into a $1 shipping deal and either not shipping it or charging you to be part of some other scheme, this is not a company I can endorse or get behind and recommend. To that end, I’m pulling down the deal because I don’t wanna patron places like that.

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