FREE deodorant, FREE Vodka, and FREE makeup (what a combo!!)

Find a bottle of specially marked Sure and send in for an MIR to get it for FREE. Thanks, Kellie!

Here’s a rebate form for $20 off Vodka. I’ve heard that you can snag that this week at WAGS for only $19.99 making it FREE. I haven’t yet been and don’t know for sure but what I do know is, it’s not valid in IN so cross the border and get some FREE liquor!!! LOL!!!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara had a “Try Me Free” tag on it spotted at CVS. It was $9.99 with 40% off making it $5.99. You then go to the physicians formula website and print of the rebate form. The only trick is that it says you need to send in the “Try Me Free” sticker with the rebate form and original receipt. Thanks, Kim!
There’s also one for the Bronze Booster here and Bronze brightener here. If you spot one of these please let us know where!!

Cattleman’s BBQ Sauce has been spotted with an MIR at a Wal-Mart so check to see if yours has one to get free sauce. Thanks, Steve!


  1. You Illinois gals get free beer….now free vodka???? That’s it! I’m leaving Indiana and crossing the border!!! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    What Walgreens sells liquor? I thought they stopped selling liquor?

  3. Hey, am I reading each rebate right? I’m thinkin you can get one of each variety…..?????

  4. Bargain Briana says:

    If it is a rebate do you have to buy in the state valid or live in the state valid? Just wondering if anyone has tried crossing the border to do a rebate and had it mailed to your home address in the non-valid state! 🙂

  5. First off, the PF has been spotted at Meijer, yahoo! Secondly, Briana, I’m almost positive you could buy in another state and then mail in. Surely, though, you’re not thinking of planning a trip here to get FREE vodka??!! LOL!!!! Let me know if you do, we’ll do coffee!!!
    Tina – You’re reading it the same way I am….3 bottles free!
    Finally, Anonymous, not sure which ones sell liquor. maybe in the city? Worth a look/call anyhoo!

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