Free Budget Help and Store Your Accounts in One Place at Mint.Com

Remember me telling you about Well, Hubs checked it out and is hooked! I mean how could this not impress:

Budget help – Check
Accounts in one place – check
Lots of financial companies represented – Check
Secure, safe and verified by Verisign and TrustE- Check
The kicker – FREE- Check!
If you didn’t check out the video from the CEO here yet, you should. Basically is a FREE site where you can track all your credit cards/financial accounts in one spot. Hubs loves it coz right now every month he pays the bills online (saves us $63.63/year!) and every month he forgets a password and has to get it emailed to him! Without fail!!

They also help you create a budget and they’ve got an iPhone app. Seriously, I’m pumped about!

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