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I love projects. While most of my days are filled with diapers and feedings right now, I do enjoy the nitty gritty of seeing something accomplished from start to finish. Perhaps that’s why when I was in charge of paying the bills at our house I loved the thought of writing a check, putting a stamp on it and placing it in the mail. A project done and another check on the list. Fortunately Hubs is not that way and since he took over the bill paying years ago we’ve been doing it online. You wanna know how much he saves us per year on average? $63.63.

It also saves a lot of trees too with all that wasted paper that just ends up in the garbage or being shredded. If you’re not already paying bills online I’d highly encourage you to do so. With internet security much tighter now than it’s ever been, it’s secure, safe and good for your wallet.

Yesterday I got an email about and I have to admit I was pretty excited. You see although the hilarious picture above drew me over to their site what kept me was this: A video from the CEO about what the company does. Basically is a FREE site where you can track all your credit cards in one spot. I’m telling ya Hubs is gonna love this coz right now every month he pays the bills online and every month he forgets a password and has to get it emailed to him! Without fail!! So the thought of a place online where he could do all that in ONE place, securely, safely (verified by Verisign and TrustE) and for FREE will excite him I know! They also help you create a budget and they’ve got an iPhone app. Seriously, I’m pumped about trying!

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  1. The Young Family says:

    We use to keep track of our finances and manage our budget. It's a GREAT way to have a visual of how much money you have in any given category (think "envelope system") & they'll even email you when your account balance gets close to being low or if you overspend in any category.

    The iPhone app is nice too, as it allows you to edit any new transactions that have been downloaded and gives you a real-time look at your finances and budget, just like the website.

    The only downer to the site is they can't seem to come up with an agreement with ING Direct, so no access to those accounts, at least not with any consistency. But, as long as you don't have an ING account (or don't care about managing that one from Mint!), chances are good that your bank is included!

    That's my two cents worth, HTH someone!

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