Free AXE Body Wash At Walmart

There’s a GREAT coupon at RedPlum that will get you FREE Axe body wash! Walmart has Axe body wash travel size for just $.97 so with the RedPlum coupon will be FREE! it may also be free at Target if they stock the travel size.


  1. The coupon states “except trial and travel size”. Not sure if you noticed.

  2. The coupon clearly states excludes trial size.

  3. Christina says:

    It says excludes trial and travel sizes. So it probably won’t work. It’d be nice if it did. My Walmart is very stingy as it is about using coupons.

  4. How are you using this coupon on travel size for $0.97 when the coupon says excludes trial and travel size???

  5. Carla Skamra says:

    Regarding the FREE axe deal at Walmart or Target…. It specifically says “Excludes travel and trial size” !!

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