Free Animal Jam National Geographic Game for Kids



Free Animal Jam National Geographic Game for Kids!


My daughter is a National Geographic freak. She loves all things animals and we both know that National Geographic is the #1 place to find them. That is why I am so thrilled to see their new Animal Jam game for kids.

Once you click the banner you will see a group of animals from the game. The little white rabbit in the front is holding a sign that says “Free Play Now” Just click that sign and let your kiddo start creating their animals and more!

Animal Jam from National Geographic is a free game where kids can adopt a pet to love and care for. Animal Jam is a safe online environment that your child will love! Click on the banner above to register for free today!


  1. My twin 7yo’s love that game! There is a membership component, but we’ve just told them to stick with the free stuff, and it’s been a lot of fun.

  2. The “free” app is not free. It costs $1.99, not much but, I don’t to pay forapps.

    • Thanks Carol for commenting, there’s a free version and a paid. The free gives you some fun stuff and then you can pay for more but I agree…I hate paying for apps!

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