Free 8×8 Shutterfly Photobook

Free 8x8 Shutterfly Photobook

About Free 8×8 Shutterfly Photobook

Custom Path
Add, move and resize pictures and text anywhere
Extensive collection of new backgrounds, layouts & embellishments
1-25 pictures per page (up to 1000 pictures)

Simple Path
Pictures arranged for you. Then easily rearrange or add captions
More than 20 styles with preset backgrounds and layouts
1-4 pictures per page (up to 500 pictures)
Five sizes
Either option lets you customize your book with a range of style for any occasion. Idea pages to help inspire, while embellishments let you add touches that are all you. See your photos in a whole new way with creative backgrounds, and easy to use layouts. Then tell your story in your own words with stylish and fun fonts.

Don’t think you have time to make an entire book? Wrong! Shutterfly does more than make it easy for you to create, it also allows you to save your work as you go so you can come back to it when your to-do list is done.

Create Shutterfly photo books for any reason:
Teacher Gifts
Weddings & Showers
Momentous Moments
and MORE!
One great idea is a Family Year Book. Get the kids involved in taking pictures and telling their stories, shoot all those big and small moments that make up your year and preserve it for posterity. Shutterfly lets you be the Editor and Creative Director of your own story.

About Shutterfly

Shutterfly makes it easy for you to be a storyteller with all the tools, ideas, and cutting edge tech you need to create your own photo book(s). Whether you’re a seasoned maker, expert photo taker, or trying this design thing out for the first time, Shutterfly has a path to get you to amazing!

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