Formula Deal

Thanks so much to my friend, Lisa, for this deal she found a few weeks ago. Last week she received the formula in the mail so I thought I’d post it again!

“Okay so I found this 1-800 # online and called. You give them basic info (name, address, email (optional), babies birthday). They will send you a FREE target brand sample or a coupon. Then you can call back every 30 days and get a coupon for it! Every 30 days! No strings. It sounds hookey, but isn’t! WOO-HOO! They said it should arrive in 2-6 weeks. The place I got the number from said you can call every 30+ days and re-request another one! I’m sticking the number on the calendar to call in 30 days ; )Okay the number is ********1-800-410-9629********Option 3 (samples)”

Originally posted 8/19/08


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for posting this. I wish I would have found out about this months ago. My baby just turned a year and we are having a hard time switching to whole milk. This will help a lot in the next couple months.

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