Football Stadium Appetizer: THE Coolest Football Appetizer Ever


Football Stadium Appetizer

I mean if this Football Stadium Appetizer isn’t THE coolest football appetizer ever, I have no clue what is! A couple of years ago we had a Superbowl Party and our friend Greg brought this magnificent display. I thought I’d get around to blogging in but never did! Here’s how he did it:

Football Stadium Seats

These are cubes of cheese stacked on top of each other.

Football Fans.

  • Use 2 olives stuck together to make a penguin. Add a toothpick to the top to attach.
  • The feet are carrots as is the nose.
  • Their bellies reflecting the teams was colored cream cheese.
  • He added drink umbrellas to the top of the stadium.

The Football Field

This is just guacomole for the green field.
He then wrote the names with colored cream cheese.

It took him 7 hours to make and probably quite a bit of money but is this not the coolest thing? I think you could probably do it on a way smaller scale and have it still look cute!

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