Flush, Wash, Go Potty Training Clean Routine

Cottonelle Routine


What is the Flush, Wash, Go Potty Training Clean Routine?

When it comes to potty training I stink. Yes I meant the pun. I just plain ole hate it and would have loved my Mum to have been here to handle this clean routine part of their little lives. It just overwhelms me! Isaac was rough to train as it was more about a power struggle than anything and then came Chase. He had to practically beg me to train him and when I did I chose a day when I was painting our living room.

No I’m not joking!

I took him potty and ran for paint in the basement.

Took him potty again then painted some. Rinse and repeat all day. It was crazy and fun and crazy and he had 7 hits and 1 miss and I called it a success. He’s been pretty good ever since but he’s a boy and he wants to get on, get off and go so I’ve started saying 3 words to him over and over and over as part of our #cottonelleroutine…


The key with kids is repetition and so I say it over and over and he’s getting it.

Last week we headed to Target to do the Cottonelle deal they have going on and I had a little helper. Isaac was at soccer so Chase and I ran in for two huge packs of Cottonelle. The deal is Buy 2 18 pack double roll Cottonelle and get a FREE Cottonelle cleansing cloths dispenser or refills. The refills were slightly more so I got those free and bought the dispenser. #dontjudgethefrugalgirl


5 Tips to Our Clean Routine

Like I mentioned I’m no expert but here’s what worked with my boys.

1) Motivation.
Use stickers, small treats and other things as praise. Don’t make it too big though or they grow to expect it….very quick!

2) Ditch the training pants.
Expensive diapers? Not this frugal gal! We simply “pulled up” diapers and fastened with them standing when we went out in public. At home I just kept them in pants. Like my friend says, “They need to feel the pee!”

3) Tons of praise
Lots of praise goes a long way and I even got Isaac involved with Chase. With him whopping and hollering it went a lot quicker.

4) Grab supplies.
I love Target and the special they have on Cottonelle right now makes it easy to stock up. Having flushable wipes is a great way to teach them how to wipe their bottoms.


5) Get them pants they love.
Chase is really into Thomas so while at Target I let him pick out his own pants.  I think his “so proud of himself” face says it all!


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