Fiverr: Hire People To Do Things For 5 Dollars

Have you ever heard of Fiverr? It’s this cool website that my brother got me pretty hooked on a while back and the premise is simple: Find people to do things for $5.

From everything like “I will show you how to prepare for tough job interviews” to “I will burp the alphabet for you” (who in the world would want that?!) or “I will write messages on my lips and take photos cute for valentines,” you can hire someone to help you out for $5.

I’ve used them several times for things for the blog including designing logos. Normally around $15 for a cheap logo I commissioned someone on, paid them $5 upfront and within 48 hours had a great logo all done. The “gig” (their word for jobs you commission) came with free chances for me to make changes which I did until I was happy.

My advice is to check the rating. In the same way you’d never buy anything from someone on eBay who didn’t have stellar references, the same applies to Fiverr. I always check the rating and also the timeline. Some of the popular ones are going to have a 5-7 day wait for your Gig but they’ve also got a new feature where if you don’t want to wait you can pay extra to do the “Express Gig.”

You can simply head to Fiverr to browse the site or if you need something specific do a search. Once you’ve found something, create an account and commission the seller. You can chat with them about the gig too and make sure everything is ok.

Then simply sit back and wait to have your gig delivered.

The great thing is the privacy. They are very careful to maintain a good reputation which means your information is always kept private and secure. I don’t even have my name in there, simply an email and when I pay it’s through Paypal and is anonymous. Buyers and sellers are entitled to cancel orders that have not been delivered successfully, on time, or at all.

Check their site out and let me know what you think!

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