Fisher-Price Little People Stand Test of Time

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There aren’t many toys nowadays that will stand the test of time.  How many times have you (or your parents) declared: “It just isn’t built like it used to be!”  Chances are there’s one or two toys that you own now that you had as a child and are able to pass onto your kids.  My Mother In Law is classic at this!  Every few months her and my Father In Law (a little begrudgingly) head into the attic and re-appear with GI Joe figurines, doll  accessories (although Hubs just has a brother my MIL kept her doll stuff!) and lots of other goodies including a toy that has withstood the test of time: Fisher-Price Little People

Isaac and Chase both love playing with Little People®!  Although Chase’s playing is more what toys he can fit in his mouth that he won’t choke on, he does care a great deal for Isaac’s Little People® guys.

Fisher Price are a company that move with the times which is why it comes as no surprise that they just launched Zoo Talkers.  When you place the animals in the zoo they talk to you – showing your littlies what sounds animals make.  With Christmas a-coming, I spotted it at Amazon for just $39.99.

Fisher Price have also just launched a huge contest where you could win $10K!!  Submit a video of your child making his or her favorite zoo animal sounds—just like the new Little People® ZooTalkers animals do—and you could win a $10,000 cash prize that may be used toward your child’s education!

What’s your   fave Little People® toy?

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