Finding Money

This week I took the plunge and paid a great graphic designer to create a new design for my blog. She is great at what she did so I’m excited but as I’m a SAHM and making no money, I decided I better come up with some money to pay her without cutting into our budget!

First I took some clothes to Once Upon a Child and made $10.01! Then, on a roll, I decided to take the “Is that the best you can do?” challenge that I posted last week. So, I called the cable company (yes, me the frugalite with cable!!) and they cut our bill by $25/month for the next 6 months! By now I was really excited so I called NIPSCO. I figured if the winner of our contest could save money, so could I. Well, I’m not sure what Michelle said but it didn’t work for me :>( Still, I was excited with all my savings! Now I’m looking around the house for other things to sell. Where oh where did I put all that Preparation H??!!!!

On to the blog – hopefully we’ll be up and running with the new design in a few days!

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