Farmyard Cake Pops

Yup, it’s true: I LOVE Cake Pops! They’re super simple, super yum and you look super talented when you bring them somewhere so for Chases’s 1 year old birthday I used my Cake Pop Recipe and made Farmyard Cake Pops for his farm animal-themed party.

I did chicks, pigs and sheep but there’s no limit to what you can do.  I made some cake balls too after I ran out of sticks!

Cake Pop Chickens

1) After making the cake balls dip them in melted yellow chocolate or yellow frosting (that’s what I used).

2) Take orange sugar candy (I found soft moon shaped candy) and cut a beak and feathers for the head.

3) Then color eyes with a black frosting marker and tada!

Cake Pop Pigs

* Dip the cake ball in pink frosting or chocolate and then add a black M&M as a nose and use an edible marker to draw eyes and a tail.

Cake Pop Sheep

1) These were my favorite for sure but are messy and you have to do them quickly before the chocolate hardens!

2) Dip the cake pop in white chocolate and then roll in a bowl of coconut.

3) Add small pieces of cut-up tootsie rolls as feet and a black M&M as a nose before drawing on eyes with the edible marker.  I even made a little Sheep Dog Cake Pop to watch over the farm.  He was just a bigger pop that I added a black M&M to and drew eyes and mouth.

Cupcake Tools I recommend:

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