Family Memory Jar

memory Jar

Ever feel like you rush through life and forget some of the key parts, not anymore with the Memory Jar. The Memory Jar is a way to remember all the great things that happen to you as a family each year. It’s the good stuff (although I guess you could include everything!) that happens. At the end of the year you’re going to look back on all the things that happened and be able to rejoice together as a family.

Psalm 27:13 New International Version
“I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

It’s so cool to look back and see the faithfulness of God and this memory jar will help.

Memory Jar

Simply get a mason jar and label it. Place it somewhere where you all see it. Ours is going in the kitchen.
Then each time something happens write it down on a slip of paper and place in the jar.
At the end of the year read each piece out loud as you look back. It would be a fun New Year’s Eve or Day family activity.

Memory jar

Anyone got any ideas for how we can keep those slips of paper after each year?


  1. I am going to put them in my scrapbook album for the year. It will have everyone’s writing on it and be a fun page to scrap.

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