Expired Coupons Help the Military

Now Jewel won’t take expired coupons, it’s a good idea to participate in the military’s coupon program as they do take expireds up to 2 months old. Here’s how:
  • There is no donation minimum so grab a stack and clip away.
  • They ask that you clip them as they only have volunteers who are already super busy. It’ll also save you postage.
  • Separate them into food and non-food.
  • Do not send Assistance Vouchers, Food Stamps, or any other assistance items. Store coupons, those only good at the store named are useless on a military base overseas. Do not send restaurant coupons.
  • Use envelopes or baggies to separate them, not paper clips or rubber bands.
  • Label them.
  • Add up the totals per bundle.
  • Send them to a participating base here.
If you don’t want all the work, why not grab some friends, or your Mom’s group and adopt a base together.
For more info check this out.

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