English Recipe Corner: Fish and Chips

My British buddy has helped to bring back English Recipe Corner. Today’s is perhaps the most well known food (and one of my all time faves!) Fish and Chip Batter. Thanks, Angela!

This is very simple and only has 4 ingredients. I actually asked a restaurant for their recipe and being as the cook lives with my hubby and I he gave it to me ;0)


  • Harp Beer
  • Swiss cheese
  • Drakes crispy fry mix (looks like a bag of flour with a white duck on it!!)
  • Cod


  1. Put a bottle of Harp beer in a bowl and add a cup of Drakes and then keep adding 1/2 a cup or so at a time until you stick two fingers in the batter and it sticks to your fingers when you pull them out.
  2. Add around a cup of grated swiss cheese (or to taste)
  3. Take about a 2oz piece of cod and lay it in a bowl with dry Drakes (both sides. this helps soak up any moisture and keep the batter crispy)
  4. Now dip in the wet mixture and fry!

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