English Recipe Corner – Cornish Pasty

This week’s recipe comes from one of my fave places in the world – Cornwall. As kids each year my parents would get us out of bed around midnight, bundle us into the car and drive for about 8 hours through the night. I’ll never forget the feeling of waking up in a new place ready for our holiday. Smart move by my parents that they never endured the, “are we nearly there yet?” questions although driving through the night made them pretty groggy for the first day!!
Anyhoo, the Cornish Pasty is famously from this beautiful seaside area of England and in the little harbour town of Padstow there’s a Cornish pasty shop where you can buy the original one (meat, pots and veg) or tons of variations inlucding a chocolate one and some veggie ones. Here’s the official recipe thanks to my Mum.



  • Divide pastry into 4 and roll out each piece to quarter inch thick keeping a round shape
  • Coarsely shred potato and onions and add to meat and add seasonings
  • Divide meat mixture equally between the 4 pastry circles
  • Wet edges of each pastry circle and draw edges up into centre so that they meet in centre
  • Press edges well together with fingers
  • Brush over with beaten egg or milk
  • Put on baking tray and bake in middle of oven 425 fahrenheit for 10 minutes then reduce heat to 350 or gas 4 for a further 40 minutes
  • Serve with salad


  1. I love Pasties and have wanted to make them for awhile. What exactly is minced beef? Is this something I can make on my own with a meat grinder – or do I purchase this somewhere? (I do live in your area so if you know of a shop in particular that would be great). Is the beef cooked before mixing with potatoes and onions or not? One last question – I know puff pastry can be bought frozen – is there an authentic recipe to make your own and can these be frozen after baking and reheated? Thanks so much for your help – sorry for all the questions – I was just so excited to see this recipe!
    Kepp up the awesome work – I read your blog daily!

  2. Whimsy – So sorry I usually translate! Minced beef is just groud beef/chuck. I’m not sure about the pastry. I ahte making pastry and it’s been unsuccessful when I’ve tried. Maybe try googling it! HTH! Clair

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