English Recipe Corner: Bakewell Tarts

Oh goody, my British buddy has helped to bring back English Recipe Corner. Today’s is a very famous baked goods recipe called Bakewell tarts. Thanks, Angela!

Pastry Ingredients
1 1/4 cup (6oz) self raising flour
1 stick (3oz) Margarine
Pinch of salt
1 egg
if needed a dash of milk
1/8 c (1oz) icing sugar, water, vanilla essence (make fairly thick)
Strawberry Jam (jelly)
Glace cherries (the shiny waxy ones)

Pre-heat oven to 190c/375F/ Gas mark 5

  1. Place flour and marg in bowl and rub together till crumb like.
  2. Add the salt and sugar mix slightly then add egg.
  3. Mix together till ball forms (if necessary add a dash of milk to help form the ball).
  4. Roll out and line a 7in/18cm flan tin then bake blind for about 20mins.
  5. Once baked take out the oven and allow to cool for a few mins, then cover the base with jam (be generous with the jam).

Filling Ingredients
1 stick (3oz) Marg
1/2c (3oz) sugar
1 cup (6oz) Ground Almonds
a few drops of Almond Essence
1 Egg

  1. Cream the marg and sugar together.
  2. Add the Ground Almonds and beaten egg and mix.
  3. Spread the mixture over the jam and place in the oven, same temperature as pastry, bake for 35-40mins.
  4. Allow to cool completely then make the icing (icing sugar and water with a drop of vanilla essence) spread the icing on top and decorate with glace cherries.

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