English Recipe Corner and My Childhood

Today is an unusual day at English Recipe Corner. You see this Saturday is Yorkshire Day where we celebrate all things Yorkshire. (If I’m honest I’d never heard of this day til this year so clearly it’s not celebrated that widely!! I digress…) I thought I’d add some personal things today in celebration and share a little about what life was like growing up in England. Now you may or may not care but if you are one that cares, leave a comment and lemme know if you’d like me to do this more often. I do so hate monologuing!!!

I grew up in a place called Bradford in West Yorkshire. It’s a very unknown town in the North of England about 4 hours north of London. Although it used to be famous for it’s woollen mills, it’s now more famous for the race riots that occurred on my brother’s wedding day. (Unrelated events but on the same day which made driving in the city hard)

You may have heard of the Yorkshire Ripper, the movie the Full Monty or the candy Yorkshire Mixture. What we like to be famous for is the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire pudding. Oh yeah and Sir Titus Salt. This was a man who built a mill way back when then built houses and a church for all his workers. How cool is that? The area became historical a few years ago meaning that the government dictated what you could do to your house. People who had the houses in Saltaire became rich overnight. Nice!

So the other famous thing is Yorkshire puddings. Contrary to popular belief these are not a dessert and not sweet at all. When I say you put gravy in them people can’t get over it! It’s honestly super yummy albeit not good for you but here’s the recipe from my Mum. Yum-o!

If there’s a recipe you’ve always wondered about or would like to make, let me know!



1. Turn the oven on to 425 F
2. Melt oil in a shallow tin or a few small cupcake tins. Place in oven till the oil starts to bubble a little and/or if you pour the batter in there it sizzles. This is the trick – to make sure the oil is really hot before adding batter.
3. Mix all the ingredients together and pour all the batter into the tins you have chosen
4. Bake for about 20 – 30 minutes depending on size of puddings
5. The puddings will have a small hollow in the top into which you pour a filling of onion gravy. These can be served alone or with roast beef/lamb. They can also be frozen until later then just re-heated in the oven on low. I like to do this – the burning oil sometimes makes your kitchen smell!

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