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Finally you get to see who my Mum is in her fave place – the Yorkshire Dales! Here’s her recipe this week which can of course be frozen as per our theme!

Yorkshire Meatloaf

1lb ground chuck
1 Egg To Bind
1 Chopped Onion
3 Crushed Crackers
8 Ozs Grated Cheese
1 Tablespoon Tomato Sauce

1) Grease A Loaf Tin
2)Mix All Ingredients Except Cheese In A Bowl Add Slightly Beaten Egg And Salt And Pepper To Taste
3)Put half The Cheese Into The Bottom Of The Tin And Then Half Meat Mixture On Top and Press Down
4) Add Rest Of Cheese Then Rest Of Meat Mixture And Smooth On Top
5) Bake In Centre Of Oven At 350 F/ 180 C For About One Hour
6) Turn Out Onto Dish And Eat With Green Vegetables Or Salad


  1. Anonymous says:

    A tablespoon of catsup, salsa, or BRQ sauce would be good too. Instead of the tomato sauce.

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