Endcapping – a new American sport

I have a girlfriend that only goes to Target to endcap. When she goes, she tries not to buy anything else but just wanders around endcapping. It’s like a sport to her and I’ve got to admit it’s pretty addictive! I’ve found photo frames, albums, toys, seasonal things all at rock bottom prices.

Have I lost you yet? We’re the people who go and look at the endcaps for all the clearance deals, especially at Target who seem to clearance things all the time. I would recommend this sport to anyone, especially at the end of seasons when they have things dirt cheap like right now they’ve got their summer things at bargain prices.

Speaking of Target deals, this week they have a free $5 giftcard when you buy any 4 of these things: 8-ct Rice Krispies treats, 10-oz Cheez-Its, 11.5-oz Keebler fudge Shoppe cookies or 12-ct Pop-Tarts. They’re only 4 for $9 so with the gift card they’d be 4/$4!!


  1. I love endcapping too!! I usually browse the $1.00 aisles at the front of the store, then head to the discounted children’s clothing, then walk through looking at all the endcaps. I’ve found some great deals! The only problem is that sometimes I buy things I probably didn’t know I needed… 🙂

  2. I could win a gold medal in target endcapping.

  3. Lisa, please share some of your deals or send me a post all about them! With pics!!!

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