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About Emma’s Wish by Margery Scott
Widower Sam Jenkins has made the hardest decision of his life. Knowing he can’t raise his children and make a go of his ranch, he decides to send his three children to his late wife’s family. Just for a little while, he promises them and himself. Instead of going to live with strangers, they run away and stop for the night to rest and to steal a pie at Emma Witherspoon’s house.

A carriage accident has left Emma scarred, jilted by her fiancĂ© and alone upon the death of her father. Weighed down by loneliness, she’s come to accept that she’ll never marry and have children. But the arrival of Sam’s children gives her an idea on how to save them from being sent away and give herself a chance at a family. She proposes a marriage of convenience to Sam. Although no one can replace his ex-wife in his heart, Sam accepts for the sake of his children.

Emma’s Wish is a beautifully written story set in Texas. Emma is a caring, giving woman who’s impulsive nature is constantly at odds with a past that has taught her not to trust. Sam is a man willing to do anything to make his children happy, even rewrite his late wife’s memory. The care and kindness with which they treat each other helps love to bloom. Can they take a chance on each other or will some lessons be to harsh to overcome?

Kindle Price: $2.99

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