Eat Out for $2!!

UPDATE: Once you click through onto the site hit “home” to take you to the page for GCs.
Mummy Hearts I was introduced to it through a couple of people and am loving the discounts. The bottom line is, you can buy gift certificates there for half or a third of the cost of what they’re worth and eat out for way less. When you’re on a tight budget eating out is nearly impossible but these guys really help lessen the costs.

It’s really simple – You can buy a $25 gift certificate for $10! You just type in your zip code and the mile radius you want it and it gives you a list of participating restaurants. They always run specials to save you even more money and right now if you use code: PORTION you can get their $25 gift certs for only $2! Yup, $2! Go here and enter the code thru 8/13/09

Anyhoo, it’s a great way to save money on eating out and you can check it out here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I read through all the fine print, trying to figure out the "catch." I'm suspicious by nature and new to all this … can I get certificates just for the restaurants I want, or is it something where they're sending me a different certificate each month for a new restaurant or something? Am I only paying for the certificates I select, or am I agreeing to some program that will cost me something each month? I'm confused. Thank you for any clarification!

  2. I understand your concern but have tried it myself and it works!! U can just order certificates one time if you like or more. You don't have to do the monthly thing just order seperate. There are options to sign up for other stuff but just make sure you don't and I swear they don;t spam u, or haven't me! HTH!

  3. And another QU – can you use more than one certificate when paying? Two of my fav restraunts were on the list BUT *blushes* they were pricey restraunts! I've only eated there once as they were both anniv gifts from my hubby and the lovely man that he is

  4. Nope sorry Angela, one per trip.

  5. You just need to check the restrictions — some have "use the $25 GC with $45 total," or $35, or including 2 drinks … just make sure before you order! 🙂

    For 'my' pizza places it's a good deal, because we can feed all of us with a $25/$2 GC and $10 more … and take leftovers home if there are any!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'd love to take advantage of this deal – why are the ones I want always sold out?!

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