EasySaver ending?

There is a rumour that the ES program will be ending in April and being replaced by a similar program to CVS or the Register Rewards will take over.
I have been an avid WAGS shopper because of the ES program for years and would hate this move. If anyone knows somewhere where I (and anyone else who dislikes this thought) could voice their opinion please leave a comment and let me know!!


  1. Maybe call their corporate office (or the Easy Saver #) & ask…if the rumor is true or not. Also state how much you like the ES. I prefer it over the RR. I'd rather have a gift card with no expiration date. It seems like I read about this rumor on another blog but I unable to find that post.

    Any word on if Walgreens will do their spend $25 get $5 off type coupons again?

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