Easy Pretzel M&M Bites


Baking with a pre-schooler can be tricky but as it’s December one thing is for sure: I turn into Martha Stewart so we got out some easy treats so that Isaac could help me.

  1. Simply take round pretzels (usually tricky to find each year this year I grabbed some from ALDI super cheap), Hershey kisses (when wll they learn that we all want the unwrapped ones and make some like that?!) and some green M&Ms.
  2. Add the kisses to the circles and bake at 200 for about 5 minutes until chocolate is melted. Press the M&M into the cookie bite.
  3. Bake for another minute.
  4. Remove and cool.
  5. To “help” them set (eg we wanted to eat them!) I added them to the freezer for 10 minutes.
  6. The great thing about these is you could put them in a freezer zip tight bag and put in your freezer until needed.


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