Easy Back To School Lunches Part II

2) Cutout Sandwiches

Even a PB&J tastes better when it looks like a gingerbread man or a flower (yes I know mine don’t quite look like that!). I found metal cookie cutters work best and it’s super easy to make a sandwich and then cut out some fun. Beware of waste though and turn those crusts into croutons or feed to the birds.

Join us tomorrow for part 3!


  1. My daughter LOVES these DVD’s. She always chooses these over her others. She has learned ALOT of sign language and is only 2 years old. I recommend them! It really helps you communicate with your child easier when they are beginning to speak. It gets them on the way to learning a second language.

  2. I often cut out the sandwiches for my boys’ lunches. Thanks for mentioning saving the crusts for birds – i didn’t think of that.

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