Droid Ultra Review



Having spent 3 months with the Blackberry, a smartphone wasn’t familiar with, I was giddy to find out that I’d get to review the new Droid Ultra. Coming in at just $199, the Ultra offers lots of things you love about the Droid with a little bit of new technology.

Droid Zap – This lets you swipe up with two fingers on any photo to share it on your local network.

Ring my Droid: Next time you lose your phone you can use voice control to ask your phone to buzz until you find it. As I’m constantly misplacing mine only to have it turn up under couch cushions, this is a great feature!

Moto Assist: When it thinks you’re driving and you get a text message, Moto Assist will read your texts out loud to avoid any temptation to look down. Score one for #ITCANWAIT!

Although it was blasted for having a bad back that made it easy to get sticky or get fingerprints on it, we never get a Smartphone in this house without a cover and a screen protector. One quick stop at the Verizon store had our phone sporting a new cover and protector that hopefully will mean we don’t end up with a smashed screen and we only spent $40. A lot cheaper than the cost to fix it.

Active Display helps ensure you don’t kill your battery by turning off things when you don’t need them. It’s clever enough to know when you pull your phone out of your pocket, pick it up off a desk, or flip it over after being face down and is a nifty feature.


When tested on the Verge Battery Test, it only lasted 4 hours and 17 minutes making it’s well below nearly every other high-end smartphone. If you’re used to running lots of apps or streaming music, you’re going to need to plugin pretty quickly.

Having spent 3 months with the amazing photos on the Blackberry Z10 I have to say that the pictures on this aren’t quite as good but….it’s true you don’t need to carry around another camera if you’ve got your smartphone with you which is a huge advantage.

Not my favorite Droid for sure but still….a Droid is a Droid is a Droid and wayyyy better than anything that begins with “i” in my opinion!

Head to a Verizon retailer today or check out their deals online.

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