Hot Droid Ultra Accessories


I rely on my phone as much as the next person and accessories make the experience that much better.  Whether your looking for a bluetooth to help you keep your hands on the wheel while you drive, extra charging power or headphones for your listening pleasure, Droid Ultra Accessories make the experience easier. 

Hot Droid Ultra Accessories

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Otterbox Defender Droid Ultra Accessories

After having a shattered phone screen the only case for me is the OtterBox Defender.  My husband had one before I did and his phone is truly put to the test everyday.  This is the Motorola Droid Ultra case you need if you want to be careless, work in harsh conditions, are tough on technology, anticipate heavy use or are just plain clumsy (in my case children!). 

HopeLine Stereo Earbuds

hot droid ultra accessories

HopeLine puts our technology and the nation’s most reliable and largest wireless network to work in the community by turning no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories into support for domestic violence victims and survivors.  For every earbud sold, Verizon, through HopeLine, will donate $1 up to $50,000 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline to support its online chat program.

 Yurbuds Ironman Series Armband

droid ultra accessories

The yurbuds Ironman® Series Armband is a lightweight armband designed for ultimate portability. Protects your device from the elements yet allows you to access device’s touch-screen.  Allows you to listen to your favorite music while on the go and allows you to know that your device is securely fastened. 

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