Drawstring Marble Bags

Drawstring Marble Bags

Follow Me on Pinterest So it’s Operation Christmas Child season around here and this week we made Drawstring Marble Bags. When I say we here’s how it happened:

We got FREE fabric from a recycling place that nobody wanted. I knew we could use it but I can’t sew!
Using these instructions here for drawstring bags Tori cuts material. Then she leaves it on Katie’s porch who sews it. Then Julie sews some too or threads them with rope. Lastly I get them (I’m super uncrafty!) We got some marbles donated through Mary so I’m adding some to the bags. Guess what else I’m putting in there? Water balloons! Yup, summer clearance baby! I found some for 10 cents at the Dollar General and am going to put some in the bags for 10-14 year old boys. I’m super excited and there you have it – the life of Drawstring Marble Bags for our packing party!  Don’t have drawstring bags? Don’t worry you could just put them in upcycled baby food containers. The Mummy Deals Operation Christmas Child Page is now up and running with TONS of OCC ideas!

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