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About Dragon’s Thunder Discount Tickets

Today you Dragon’s Thunder discount tickets from Goldstar.  Dragon’s Thunder discount tickets to start at just $16.50.

About Dragon’s Thunder

With the largest cast ever to visit the United States, Cirque Shanghai returns in triumph to Chicago with Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder, its latest and most dazzling show. Watch some of the finest acrobats in the world leap, tumble and juggle with a flexibility and precision that borders on the unbelievable. The outright daring of acts like “The Chinese Flex Bar” and “Gravity Swings” will take your breath away, while the thunderous beat of the “Dragon Drums” will stir your soul. Back from last year’s show are fan-favorite features like the “Wheel of Destiny” as well as Imperial Thunder, China’s finest daredevil motorcycle troupe. Be amazed, amused and ultimately enchanted by human skill pushed to the limits and beyond in Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder.

Dragon’s Thunder Location

Pepsi Skyline Stage
at Navy Pier,
600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

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