Doormat Mothers Day Craft For Kids

Handprint Doormat

Spring has Sprung and yet we’re still using the Snowman Footprint Doormat I made with the kids so just in time for Mother’s Day I made this Mothers Day Craft For Kids: a handprint doormat.

To me it’s a perfect Grandma gift for Mother’s Day or for a Dad to make with the kids!  Homemade Mothers Day presents can range from really simple to extravagant but if your Mom is anything like mine something that the kids have made is always well appreciated. This Mothers Day craft for kids will run you way under $10.

Handprint Doormat

mothers day craft for kids, homemade mothers day gift

Simply grab a doormat and paint. Acrylic paint is on sale this week at Michael’s for around $0.40 so I bought a few different colors. The doormat was from Menards for just $1.99 but I have spotted them at the Dollar Tree before too.


  1. Cover the floor well. Little hands get messy!
  2. I used a foam brush to paint on the child’s hands and then did handprints in the shape of a flower.
  3. After I’d finished one I added the circle in the middle and a green stem and leaves.
  4. Then onto kiddo number 2 (who was a little more wiggly!)
  5. It took a while for mine to dry but it’s now in our foyer and I love it!
  6. Now onto Grandmas!

Anyone else got any cute Mothers Day craft for kids?

Handprint doormat

Mothers day craft for kids, homemade mothers day

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  1. This looks likes a great idea. We both use Bowabra Feature Friday on Pinterest.
    Janis – Author of Tadeo Turtle

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