Don’t You Love Being Frugal??!!

Weds night was a fun night. First we met my in-laws at KFC for our free grilled chicken dinner. Problem. Due to the overwhelming demand (or rather people illegally copying coupons) they are giving out rainchecks for a later date after they’re verified everyone’s info. Remember the Axel Rose/Dr Pepper fiasco? Kinda like that but on a grander scale except KFC are getting tons of publicity out of it. After all, Oprah advertised it and when that lady sneezes the world offers her a tissue. When she spoke of a freebie in this economy everyone was in and now they’ve got mayhem on their hands. So, anyhoo, all that to say that you must get a raincheck by going in or mailing by 5/19/09. Scoop here.

Then it was off to Baker’s Sqaure for their Pie Rush Wednesday and boy was it busy. We bought a drink each and all got a slice of FREE pie. What a great deal!

Finally we ended up at Mama B’s watching her cut Isaac’s hair for the first time as apposed to going to a salon and getting it done.

Boy I love saving those pennies so today I can go to Old Navy!!!!


  1. A.DOR.A.BLE picture!!!!! I’m just sayin!

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