Don’t you just love freebies????

I’m loving this new blogging journey I’m on. I was frugal in the past but now you guys are keeping me accountable and sticking to our $50/week grocery budget (including Isaac’s food). Researching freebies for you is also helping me get better deals too so thanks!

Last week my friend, Lynda, and decided to head out with the kids to the mall at night as these long nights make it long days with kids!! We headed to Taco Bell and grabbed a free taco and then headed to Barnes & Noble where I got a free Starbucks!!
Today I went through the Starbucks drive-thru to get my free cup of joe for voting and as I pulled away with their new Christmas cup in my hand (one of my fave things!), I thought how sweet free things can be!!

So – keep reading, keep referring your friends, and please keep sending me any freebies/deals you spot. I’m happy to be on this frugal journey with you!

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