Don’t you hate valleys?

We went to the Smokey’s a couple of weeks ago and I had a request for pics so here ya go:
The trees were just starting to change and it looked amazing.

We’ve been dealing with a couple of rough events around our house recently and I have to admit, they’d got me really discouraged. Tim and I had prayed about them a lot but neither of us felt like God was showing us anything. Lemme tell you, when you’re in the middle of a crisis and you feel like God is being silent, it is really hard! But we had faith and kept saying out loud, “God is in control!”
While in the Smokeys I managed to steal away a little time for myself and sat on the deck facing the mountains pictured above. As soon as I looked up and saw the mountains I felt God saying, “You can’t have a mountain that beautiful without a valley.”
Where we live there aren’t any mountains but they’re aren’t any valleys either. Life can be really difficult sometimes and it’s in those valley experiences that we loose faith and struggle to think that we’ll ever be on the mountain again. But it’s also during those times that God shows us things and trains us.
The amazing thing about my walk with God is that He calls me His child. That is so hard to fathom and it’s such a wonderful thought but it comes with training. Just as I train Isaac how to walk/talk so God trains us.
I want to encourage you that if you’re going through a “valley experience” right now, that there is a “mountaintop experience” coming and it will look all that much better because you endured the valley.


  1. Thank You!!!!!What a great reminder!!

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