Don’t Spend a Fortune on Common Vacation Necessities

Photo Credit: Puer

While packing for your next family vacation, chances are there are a few things on your list that you will need to purchase for the trip. After spending a lot of money on the vacation and travel, you’d rather save your money to spend it at the destination, not on basic necessities. Below is a list of 5 items you’ll probably need for your next vacation along with tips to get them for a fraction of the price:

1. Swimsuit– Chances are your son or daughter outgrew their old swimsuit and needs a new one. Instead of running to a big box retailer and getting a cheap, generic one, you can get a high quality one that will last even longer for the same price from swimsuit websites.

2. Sunscreen
– If you are traveling for a vacation at a warm destination, you and your family will need sunscreen. Buying it at home will be much cheaper than buying it at your destination!

3. Sunglasses– We lose our sunglasses all the time, which is the prime reason why you shouldn’t spend a fortune on them.

4. Snacks– This is especially important for families that are flying, since food is extremely expensive at the airports. Just make sure you don’t pack any liquid snacks, as you can’t bring them through security.

5. Diapers/Pull Ups– If you are traveling with children that still use them, pack them before hand. As with sunscreen, you’ll end up paying a fortune at your destination for them.

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