Don’t beat yourself up trying to be frugal!!

Goes without saying that I love a deal. I also love helping ya’ll get deals and recently I’ve had a couple of questions that have made me wanna put pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard!!!

Our budget for the 3 of us is $50/week but I’ve been doing this for years and am a semi-expert at “The Drugstore Game”. The goal of this blog is not to have you sweating it that you can’t get your budget as low as mine. The goal of this is to help you save. My dear friend Rebecca still spends $75/week for 3. Sure it’s not as cheap as me but it’s half of what she used to spend and she’s thrilled with it. It takes time to build up a stockpile of free toiletries and learn what’s a good deal. By checking this blog most days you’re on the right track!!

Secondly, meal planning is key to saving money. It just makes sense which is why we’re doing a whole week of it!

By knowing your prices, shopping sales and getting things for free you should start to see a change in your budget. I have a friend who thinks it took her a couple of months to see a real change but is convinced she’s shaved a significant amount off recently.

Finally, you don’t have to go to every store and do every deal. You’d drive yourself crazy! I post the good deals here but don’t always take advantage. I think my goal is to help people be more frugally minded and realise that you can cut costs if you try.

I hope that helps!!

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