Do You Live Near a Dollar General?

If so, run don’t walk to their 90% off sale. My friend and I just went and filled bags with 10 cent flipflops for Operation Christmas Child. 10 Cents!!!

What do you get when you cross 2 frugal gals and some super cheap flip flops?????
85 pairs for $8.50 + tax!!!

Me thinks the kiddos in Africa or wherever are gonna love them!


  1. It's soooo much better than running around barefoot because they can't afford shoes!

  2. Your frugal mummy friend says:


  3. EEEKK!! I live 2 blocks from Dollar General! I'll be there tomorrow 🙂

  4. The Murray Crew says:

    Smart, Clair. Super smart!

  5. Midwest Mommy says:

    Wow! Great deal.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. My Dollar General only had them at 70% off – I'm going to wait and go back in a few days LOL

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