Ditch eBay Seller’s Fees and Try Facebook

In an age of reusing, recycling, and saving money more people are shopping thrift stores and garage sales. Last year’s garage sale season convinced me that I’m no longer the only one out buying my son’s clothes for $1/each. It felt like things were a lot more picked over and everyone was out stocking up on Kenneth Cole jeans or Osh Kosh jackets for a fraction of the cost of new items.

In the past tech-savvy parents wishing to offload their unwanted clothes or toys would set up an eBay account and sell their wares to strangers there. Now it seems like eBay is so yesterday and instead a new marketplace has cropped up in a very familiar place: Facebook.

In the past Facebook has been responsible for re-connecting you with old friends, helping companies offer free samples of new products, and now Facebook Consignment Shops.

Free to post and easy to spread the word amongst friends and friends of friends, consignment stores are a simple way to offload those unwanted items and make some money doing it. Plus, it’s very simple to start and get bidders interested.

After starting a fan page and sending invitations to people to join, you simply start posting photos of items for sale. When someone finds something they like they comment on the item and you arrange shipping and payment.

You can also invite others to post on your page and sell their items too, making it into a free online marketplace.

I spoke to Kara Graper, owner of the Sweet Buy and Buy about her experiences, “I have been selling on eBay for 5 years but just in spurts. About 2-3 months prior to kids’ birthdays or vacation, I would go through the house and find items we could part with for eBay. But last year I paid close to $300 in fees on the $1208 I made. Facebook is free, and you can upload as many photos as you like!

“The only downside is that eBay has 91 million viewers, so it’s much easier to sell something. My goal for the Sweet Buy and Buy is to grow the site, get more people involved and have others listing their items for free.

If something doesn’t sell within 3 months I automatically donate it as I like to keep clutter to a minimum!”

Facebook has indeed made lots of things easier and communicating free and available to everyone. I have a feeling that Facebook consignment stores are the new fad as people look to reuse and recycle and make a little money doing it.

** Please make sure you know the Facebook rules on this kind of activity before starting out.

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