Debunking common money-saving myths

When I started this blog I had a couple of people that were definite unbelievers. It wasn’t that they didn’t care about saving money, but they didn’t want to run all over town armed with coupons! It took me a while to convince people but now the two people who I thought would never read my blog, much less participate, are avid followers! So I thought I’d debunk a couple of myths for other unbelievers!!!

Myth #1 – In order to get good deals on groceries, you have to go to lots of stores each week.
– Yes it’s true that stores have different great sales and in the past I’ve gone to a couple of different ones. But with an 8-month old it’s just not possible and unnecessary. What I find to be easiest is to scan the newspaper fliers for the deals and determine where I’m going to go. I alternate between 3 stores and have “must buy” items from each store. So, if fruit looks cheap at Ultra and we need fruit, I’ll shop there and stock up on all the usual good deals I get there. But, if meat is on sale at Meijer I head there and while there stock up on baby food and creamer that I won’t get elsewhere.

Myth #2 – You can only get good deals if you have coupons.
– I hate coupons! I know you’re probably wide-mouthed right now but it’s true! I don’t enjoy clipping them, saving them and then throwing them away when they expire. I hate pouring over the paper and looking for $.25 off loo roll!! So I don’t spend much time clipping unless it’s really worth it. Here’s what I say – just give me plain ole free! It may be just me but I much prefer things I don’t have to clip coupons to get. I really like Walgreens FAR items because they’re just plain ole free!

What my hope is about this site is that amateur couponers/people who’ve never done a ton of coupon matching can easily come to my site without having to buy a newspaper or clip lots of coupons and still get free stuff. Hopefully I’m achieving that. There’s a difference in living and living well accounts for not having to spend hours coupon clipping to save money!!!

Do you have any other money-saving myths you’d like me to debunk? Drop me an email and let me know! Speaking of free stuff – did you enter my contest this week?

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