Deals on Massages in NWI


I’ve been asked quite a few times now where the best massages in NWI are. For those of you unfamiliar, NWI (or Northwest Indiana) is about 35 minutes outside of Chicago and is a place I call home. So without further ado here ya go:


Groupon always has deals on massages in NWI and Chicago massages.

Living Social

Living Social is another great place to check for a great deal for cheap massages.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Located in Highland In the Tricoci University is great because you are getting beauty students to do the work and therefore it costs less. Expect to pay around $25 for a short back massage.

Phaze 1 Day Spa

Located at 2449 45th St, Highland, IN 46322 Phaze 1 specializes in Hair Salons; Manicures; Massage; Pedicures and more.

organic meat

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