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Ok so my friend, Mel, created this adorable button for someone else’s blog who generously let me use it but I hardly ever do. However this week I felt the need to! Although I’ve already posted this when a couple of friends called and asked if there were good deals out, I told them about this and thought I should highlight it. It’s at CVS:

Buy $20 worth of Duracell batteries, get $15 in ECBs!!!! Limit 3
There are coupons out there for the batteries so check old copies of newspapers. Also, there may be “peelie” stickers on the packs themselves when you get there.
About $5 for $20 worth of batteries!! I’m thinking toys at Christmas??!!

You can buy the batteries once and with the Extra Care Bucks you get go back and buy more batteries so you’ll get $60 worth gor $15!!!!!!!!!!! Check out my 411 if you’re new to CVSing!


  1. ;;so this was my virginal cvs purchase. it went well.
    trying to go slow until I get the hang on cvsing.

  2. Yeah, Lisa! I’m happy for you. Go slow and see what works. Lots of free batteries I guess??!!

  3. I did this once on Tuesday,so still need to go back today to get the other two.I think I have a few coupons.I so need to get organized.
    This is a great deal even if you don't have kids or grandkids.We use a lot of batteries throughout the year.
    Oh,my CVS had the battery charger & rechargeables in this deal too.
    I really enjoy your blog.Thanks 🙂

  4. Maybe a stupid question, but, the ad has the large packs of batteries for 9.99. Does that mean if I buy 2 of them, do you still get the $15 ECBs because techinically it’s only 19.98???
    Inquiring minds want to know! : )

  5. Rebecca – You have to spend $20. I bought a pack for $9.99 and 2 packs for $5.29. Clair

  6. thank you for letting me know! that’s what I was figuring. I almost sent hubby to CVS…I’m sure he would have just gotten the 2 9.99 packs and no ECBs! : )

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