CVS Rainchecks

You made a trip all the way to the store with a screaming child, scanned your card in the little red machine and had your Mummy Deals list in hand only to realize………………they were out of that item! Stink! Whatcha gonna do? Well, friends, one of the most awesomest things about my new awesomest store is that they give out rainchecks. Yup. And they. like. never. expire. Seriously!

Here’s what they look like and why you should grab one:
They. like. never. expire. So that in a couple of weeks when you have the night without kids and all you can think about is deals you head to CVS and cash in that raincheck baby!

They take it and then make it manually print the ECBS for you. My CVS staples the ad to the raincheck when they issue it just to clear up discrepancies. They also give out rainchecks for 3 day items. I know some of you have had a problem getting one for those but I don’t see anyway that it should be an issue.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I had problems getting rainchecks for the 3-day sale items (was told they couldn't do it at one store, then another store said they didn't think they could do it but they weren't sure), so I called corporate just to find out once and for all that yes, they are supposed to offer rainchecks on all items unless it says something like "no rainchecks" or "while supplies last." They called the stores directly and straightened them out so now they do it with no problem!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My CVS in Chesterton is Very Good to me with rainchecks! I use them all the time!

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