CVS February Free After ECB Deals

Just a couple of things this month but still, nothing to complain about, it’s FREE!

CVS Children’s Chewable Aspirin 36ct 1.99 Limit 1
Extreme Energy 6 hour shot 4.99 Limit 1
Earinse 7.99 Limit 2


  1. Anonymous says:

    At CVS this week, they have Pepsi products and Lays on sale. You can get 8 2 liters for $10, 2 Lays chips for $4 and 2 Tostidos chips for $6. When you spend $20, you get $10 EB, and then submit the coupon previously mentioned or pick it up at the store to get the $15 in coupons sent to you by mail. So, w/ coupons, essentially you are making $5. The mail in states that the receipt must be dated prior to 2-1-09.

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