CVS Advisor Panel: Make Money At CVS

A while ago I made $10 in less than 10 minutes at CVS . By answering a couple of questions for their CVS Advisor Panel, they credited my account with $10 ECBs and if you haven’t signed up yet, you should!

Here’s what the CVS Advisor Panel is:
The purpose of the CVS Advisor Panel is to solicit your input about CVS stores, products and services, and to obtain your suggestions for how to improve CVS. Your guidance is especially valuable as they strive to make your shopping experiences at CVS the best they can be.

Throughout the year, they will send you invitations to participate in online surveys about CVS products and services. If you choose to participate in the surveys, they credit your ExtraCare account with ExtraBucks. Becoming a member of ExtraCare and the CVS Advisor Panel is FREE.


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