8 Crock Pot Soup Recipes

Crock Pot Soup Recipes
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Why Crock Pot Soup Recipes?

There’s Crock Pot Recipes galore in this crock pot soup recipes post! It’s Slow Cooker Monday around here and boy do I have a busy day! I am meeting up with an old friend today, taking treats to the school for Isaac’s birthday and catching up from a weekend off. Sometime ago I did a series on sensational comfort foods that work like a charm in the slow cooker. When you’re looking at having dinner on the table quick after a long day slow cooker soups make for a quick meal which is why I love crock pot soup recipes. Put the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and serve at dinner time with a tossed salad and some crusty bread. Delicious, simple and frugal. Three of my favorite words! Simply click on the link to take you to the recipe. Although most of them were originally just soup recipes each of them can be made in the crock pot. I suggest just a few hours on low to slow cook them.

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Every Monday I come up with a Crock Pot recipe. If you have one,  check out the archives or see my Pinterest pins! 


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Crock Pot Soup Recipes, Tomato Soup

1) British Tomato Soup

Much like it’s American cousin, British Tomato Soup is a favorite in England but unlike American Tomato Basil we make ours with carrots.

Crock Pot Soup Recipes, Potato Soup

2) Crock Pot Potato Soup

This is a great gluten free recipe and is delicious with bacon bits and cheese.

Crock Pot Soup Recipes, CrockPot Taco Soup

3) Crock Pot Taco Soup

This is so easy and perfect for a busy day as it just involves opening a few cans of ingredients and then slow cooking it all day.

Crock Pot Soup Recipes, Slow Cooker Bean Soup

4) Crock Pot Bean Soup

I made this wondering if my Husband would enjoy it.  Not only did he like it but him and my other 2 guys scarfed it down!

Crock Pot Soup Recipes, Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup

5) Tomato Basil Soup

My friend Trish is an amazing cook so of course this slow cooker tomato basil soup is amazing!

Crock Pot Broccoli Soup

6) Slow Cooker  Broccoli Soup or Cauliflower Soup

My Mother In Law makes this often at her house and now I know why!  It’s delicious, creamy and wayyyyyyyyy better than a canned version.

crock pot soup recipes, Cabbage Patch Soup

7) Slow Cooker Cabbage Patch Soup

One of my readers sent me this recipe and I tried it one cold day.  It’s a great way to eat cabbage and is full of flavor! When making in the crock pot add all the ingredients to the pot (cook the meat first) and then cook on low for 3 hours.

crock pot soup recipes, Stuffed Pepper Soup

8) Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

Instead of making stuffed peppers add the ingredients into a crock pot and slow cook for hours to bring the flavor out.

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 Every Monday I come up with a slow cooker recipe. If you have one, link up with us or check out the archives or see my Pinterest pins!


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  2. Great recipes! I love my crockpot!

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  4. Great collection of Crock Pot Soup Recipes, just perfect to get us through the cold weather days. Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
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