CRAZZZEEEE deal still available and you can get tea!

Welcome, welcome new UBP readers! As someone was just talking about this recently it made me realise that my fave recent deal is still available! Sorry for those of you who’ve read this before but it’s still good and is an INCREDIBLE deal.
Right now if you go here you can get 3 bags of coffee for $3 shipped to your house. Yup, it’s true! It’s not just any coffee either, it’s Gevalia and it’s goooooooood. We got ours a couple of weeks ago and loved it! If you want after you get the coffee you can cancel your membership in the club and then you won’t be obligated to anything else. Yahhhhhhhoooo for cheap caffeine! A reader said she tried the tea instead and it worked the same way. Grab it quick before it goes for good.

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